Woodmax OC 14.50

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Technical Card Form

Woodmax OC 14.50


Single-component, modified polyvinyl acetate dispersion based adhesive with D4 water resistance class in accordance with PN-EN 204. After achieving full strength, the bond has very good adhesiveness to wooden surfaces under static and dynamic loads with a good initial grip.The adhesive is certified by IFT Rosenheim for D4 class in accordance with PN-EN 204 standard and high thermal resistance: ≥7 N/mm2 in accordance with EN 14257 (WATT`91).

    • gluing solid wood in construction joinery manufacturing
    • interior elements particularly exposed to moisture, exterior elements with appropriate surface protection
    • gluing softwood
    • gluing hardwood
    • gluing floor panels
    • gluing chipboards and fiberboards
    • gluing plywood
    • gluing other wood-based materials
    • intended for use in cold presses and manual gluing
    • intended for use in hot presses for pasting veneer or laminate over chipboards and MDFs
    • not recommended for exterior elements exposed to intense moisture, such as garden furniture, etc.

  • Sizing process

    It is recommended to thoroughly mix the adhesive before use. The adhesive may be applied on one or two sides, using a brush, spatula, bottle with a feeder, applicator, manual roller or machine (with nozzles or rollers).


ViscositypHMTTFStrength After 25 minutesWeld
MediumDoes not cause discolorationapprox. 6 [°C]min. 4 [MPa]colorless, not blunting tools, ageing-resistant
  • Viscosity pH
    Medium Does not cause discoloration
    MTTF Strength After 25 minutes
    approx. 6 [°C] min. 4 [MPa]
    colorless, not blunting tools, ageing-resistant