Robert Oskard

Supervisory Board Member

Graduate of the Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics Faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology.

In the years 1987–1990 he worked at Fabryka Łożysk Tocznych Iskra (a bearings factory) and was involved in designing and programming IT systems and in the period 1990–1992 he was employed at the Voivodship Administration Office in Kielce as the Voivodship IT Specialist. In the years 1992–2000 he worked at Exbud S.A., among others in the positions of the Planning and Economical Analysis Office Director, Development Office Director and Management Systems Office Director.

In the years 2000–2002 he was employed as the Strategic Projects Director at Echo lnvestment S.A. He occupied the position of the chairman or a member of supervisory board in a number of companies, including several public companies. At present: Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Barlinek S.A., Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of North Food Polska S.A., member of supervisory boards of the companies: Sklepy Komfort S.A., Nexterio Sp. z o.o., Homla Sp. z o.o., secretary of the Supervisory Board of Cersanit S.A.