Synthos is one of the largest producers of synthetic rubber. The offer includes ESBR rubber, neodymium-catalysed butadiene rubber (NdBR) and high styrene HSR rubber. In 2015, the offer will be expanded by modern solution styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR).



The NdBR and SSBR rubber grades are used for production of high-performance tires. Such tires have lower rolling resistance (which is reflected in reduced fuel consumption), have better adhesion to the surface, generate less noise and ensure higher level of safety as compared to standard tires.


ESBR rubber is used for production of standard tires and various rubber products: tapes, hoses etc.


The HSR rubber is characterized by higher styrene content. The HSR rubber is used for the production of shoe soles, cable insulation etc.

The offer of Synthos rubber products are sold under the following
brand names: