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Synthos AGRO’s main activity is production and sale of plant protection agents, seed treatments, biocides and foliar fertilizers. Synthos AGRO’s product recipients are both commercial entities representing the business market, and individual clients, using the products for their crop protection. Product distribution takes place through a national network of agrochemical and gardening warehouse stores cooperating with Synthos AGRO. What makes us a solid and reliable partner in building a product pallet for many national and international companies is our existing installations, along with vast investments in building a new, very modern formative-confection center.

Main products and applications



Fungicides are products used in orchard plants to prevent them from fungal diseases, especially from apple scab - one of the most dangerous diseases for crops.

  • Miedzian 50 WP, Miedzian Extra 350 S.C.- market leaders in copper based products
  • Kaptan Zawiesinowy 50 WP
  • Kaptan Plus 71,5 WP
  • Sadoplon 75 WP


Seed treatments are commonly used fungicides to dress seeds before sowing. Treating seeds is the first protective action you can take and the most basic, and cheap way to fight with soil and seed spread pathogens. Seed treatment protects plants during sprouting, but also insures that plants are healthy in the early stages of their growth and development. This group is represented by:

  • Seed Treatment T 75 DS./WS – to dress wheat, rape seeds and vegetables in the widest range available on the market.
  • Funaben Plus 02 WS - to dress wheat and barley seeds.


Herbicides are weedkillers used in agricultural and orchard cultivation.

  • Orkan 350 SL – for troubles with field horsetail and other deep rooting weeds in orchards.
  • Premier Group: Premier 350 SL, Premier 500 SL, Premier 750 SL, Premier D 750 SL - used by farmers to unwheet winter and annual grains.


Biocidal products are aimed at the mass market and dedicated to individual customers. In this group you can find a wide range of mostly aerosol products, which can be used against bothersome insects like flies, wasps, hornets, ants and mosquitos. There are also other products, like poison and granulates for fighting rodents. The most known brands in this category are Muchozol and Mrówkozol.

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