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Thermal insulation

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Rising energy cost and concerns about the environment challange us to use various types of insulation to protect our homes and public buildings from weather conditions (loss of heat or protection from heat).



As a result of the directives of the European Union on the necessity to reduce energy consumption of buildings and implementation of programs supporting energy saving, this kind of development to reduce the final energy consumption is becoming noticeable in Europe.



According to various sources, 80-85 % of expanded polystyrene is used for thermal insulation of building facades.



Insulation is also used as a sound barrier.



EPS offered by Synthos is used for the production of expanded polystyrene panels for insulation of our buildings. There are many kinds of insulation materials available, yet the expanded polystyrene is the most efficient one in terms of cost, ease and simplicity of installation and performance.

Our EPS products are sold under the following names:



InVento, advanced product that meets the top-quality requirements for this type of insulation. Thermal conductivity coefficient λ reaches the value 0.032. Perfect insulating properties are reflected directly in the final energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emission and, as a consequence, the environmental protection. InVento is successfully used for new and older buildings in which thermal insulation works are performed.


Synthos EPS Silver - The novelty driving the construction market is a gray, self-extinguishing polystyrene or polystyrene deprived of the flame-retardant. Its thermal conductivity [λ] is below 0.032 [W/m*K]. It is one of the best available products on the market for converters and EPS end-users.


InSphere – a key factor for the EPS market is the constant improvement of the heat transfer coefficient. With the improved properties of the new InSphere, the EPS produced by us ensures the λ coefficient not exceeding 0.035.


Synthos EPS (formerly known as Owipian and Koplen) are standard EPS grades for the production of expanded polystyrene with the conductivity coefficient λ exceeding usually 0.035. Various types of those products are used for the production of: fittings, perimeter slabs, multi-layer insulation system, sound absorbing panels etc.

Another insulation material in our product portfolio is Synthos XPS PRIME. It is a modern environmentally-friendly insulation material. Its modern formula is the continuation of the white XPS Synthos panel appreciated by the customers in many countries.



Synthos XPS PRIME is a material formed into slabs in the process of direct expanding and extrusion. The slabs have a specific closed-cell foam structure with low density and smooth surface.


Synthos XPS PRIME are made in accordance with GREEN LAMBDA philosophy, which is the expression of offering innovative solutions that make life easy, without the negative effect on the environment.

Green-Lambda philosophy


Synthos thermal insulation products offered by Synthos are made in accordance with our established philosophy, Green-Lambda.


Green emphasises the environmentally-friendly product. Synthos S.A. as a modern global company attaches top importance to the natural environment, therefore an important feature of Synthos thermal insulation products is the absence of all hazardous substances, such as HBCD, freons, etc.

Lambda denotes a high level of thermal insulation. All our products are distinguished by the lowest possible heat conductivity coefficient λ, thus contributing to the environmental protection and saving valuable energy.


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