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Quality Management

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Synthos S.A. places particular emphasis on continually improving the quality of its products and meeting its clients ever-increasing and rigorous expectations and requirements. To this end, the company runs a Quality Management System complying with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001 standards, working toward its ongoing improvement.

Out of concern for the natural environment, the Company has committed to a range of eco-friendly undertakings, one of which is the upkeep and improvement of an Environmental Management System complying with the EN ISO 14001 standards, as confirmed by the relevant certificates.

The proper operation of both systems has been confirmed by the authorised certification bodies, TÜV NORD and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

With an equal concern for safety issues and the improvement of OSHA levels, Synthos S.A. implemented a management system in 2003. The system complies with OSHAS norms 18001:1999 and PN-N 18001 and the company continually works toward its ongoing improvement. It has been confirmed by two authorised bodies, i.e. TÜV NORD and the State Labour Inspection Office in Prague.

Systemic operation, conducted in accordance with the standardising regulations, enables the company to utilise its resources efficiently, in order to meet the requirements of its clients, its employees and their environment. This is attained by means of the careful supervision of manufacturing processes and compliance with the law in regard to environmental protection and OSHA, as well as by preventing and minimising the adverse impact of its operations on both people and the natural environment.

Environmental protection

SYNTHOS S.A. observes all environmental protection regulations and standards provided by the international law. The company complies with the administrative decisions determining the conditions for exploitation of the natural resources. Synthos has certified the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Quality Management System ISO 9001, and the Occupational Safety Management System PN-N 18001.



Making far-reaching changes in the sphere of production and organization, the company has worked out a coherent Integrated Management System, becoming one of the most modern and environmentally safe companies of the chemical industry in Europe.

In order to preserve the environmental requirements, the company constantly reviews the impacts of the chemical production on the surrounding environment.


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