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Synthos S.A. is planning to build a new XPS installation

Synthos S.A. is planning to build a new installation for the production of XPS (extruded polystyrene) with an annual capacity of 220 000 m3. Currently, preparatory works are under way to start the investment and obtain a building permit. The installation will be built at the production plant in Oświęcim.

Synthos S.A. is the biggest producer of XPS in Central Europe. Since 2012, it has been the leader on the Polish and Czech markets in terms of the number of boards sold and market shares. At present, the total annual production capacity of the plants in Poland and the Czech Republic is 400 000 m3.

There are several reasons for the investment. The most important of these are good market prospects, knowledge of technology and the markets, a competitive advantage resulting from raw-material integration, the potential for recycling management and low energy costs, and logistics optimisation.

In addition to the traditional raw material (PS), recyclates from the management of styrene-packaging waste will also be used in the production process, which is in line with the circular-economy concept and the assumptions of the European Union Strategy for Plastics.

The expansion of the XPS production capacity is a response to the needs of the market and the customers. Central Europe is characterised by a high growth rate in the XPS market. The growth rate of demand for XPS boards is higher than for traditional foamed polystyrene. The construction of a new production line for XPS boards will facilitate the intensification of sales efforts and an increase in market shares, particularly on the Polish, Czech, Slovak and German markets.

XPS (extruded polystyrene), sold under the trade name of Synthos XPS Prime, is a modern thermal insulation material, which has been widely recognised in the construction industry, and it is becoming more and more popular on the market. XPS Prime is characterised by very-good thermal insulation, resistance to moisture, and high strength. Thanks to its closed cellular structure, it exhibits a number of unique features which are very useful in the construction industry. In addition to being used in the residential and commercial construction sectors, XPS Prime boards are used for insulation in the construction of track-ways, car parts, road infrastructure, runways, and other surfaces, subjected to considerable loads.

Synthos is planning to further expand its production capacity to a total capacity of 800 000 m3/year. A location in the Czech Republic is being considered for further expansion.

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