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Synthos is currently expanding its heat distribution network in Kralupy

TAMERO INVEST s.r.o. with its registered office in Kralupy, belonging to the Synthos Group, has been pursuing an investment project aimed at expanding the current heating network. As part of the project, further areas and new investments in the town of Kralupy on the Vltava River will be connected to the network. In that, Tamero Invest s.r.o. will increase the supply of the heat produced in compliance with all the appropriate environmental standards.

The new investment project by Tamero Invest s.r.o. is to be completed in 2024. What is particularly important, the connection to the existing heating network of the newly built cultural and service center as well as the new housing estate in Kralupy will have a positive impact on the air quality improvement in the region and promotion of ecological heat sources. Improving the quality of life of residents, development of low-emission energy and environmental protection are the core elements of the Synthos Group's strategy for the years to come and the project which is being implemented by Tamero Invest perfectly fits the above-mentioned ones.

Tamero Invest heat and power plant is fuelled with natural gas, which generates much lower pollutants than other fossil fuels such as hard coal, lignite or crude oil. Steam boilers installed in the heat and power plant meet all the emission standards, in accordance with the BAT conclusions. The process of generating heat and electricity takes place in cogeneration - that is, a technology with a far more fuel use than the technology of separate production of heat and electricity. It is therefore a moreenvironmentally friendly technology - compared to the local coal-fuelled heat source - and having an actual impact on air quality improvement in the region.

The new investment project by Tamero Invest s.r.o. assumes the use of modern technology of pre-insulated pipelines, characterized by marginal heat losses and achieve considerably longer service life than traditional pipelines. This solution will allow in the future to ensure security related to the continuity of heat supplies to the final consumers.

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