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Synthos - next step in bio-butadiene production

Synthos S.A. started cooperation with Lummus Green Circle in the further development of bio-butadiene technology. The Parties launched a Feasibility Study for a bio-butadiene plant with a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year.

Synthos, as a leading supplier of synthetic rubbers for tires and technical rubber goods production, concentrates presently on obtaining synthetic rubber from renewable raw materials. This is possible by producing bio-butadiene from bio-ethanol. Synthos Group strategy assumes  products portfolio development with grades  which are - sustainable, resource-efficient, with a minimal environmental footprint.

Sustainability is a key driver of the development of Synthos product portfolio. Synthos is proud to serve  growing customers’ needs with advanced grades of synthetic rubber based on renewable raw materials” – says Matteo Marchisio, Synthetic Rubbers and Tire Materials BU Director. “Synthos is one of the world's precursors in the field of bio-butadiene. We started research on butadiene production from renewable resources long before the assumptions of the European Green Deal were developed.  The first research works on the production of bio-butadiene began in 2012. In December 2015, after three years of laboratory trials, a pilot plant was built to test the catalyst on  larger scale. The promising results prompted  the company to start  next level of technology development. At this stage, Synthos is counting on Lummus Green Circle commitment and expertise”.

We look forward to collaborating with Synthos to support their goals for investing in more sustainable bio-rubbers and commercializing this promising technology,” said Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology. “This aligns with Lummus’ broader ambitions and strategies to decarbonize and circularize our industry.”

Green Circle, a business entity owned by Lummus Technology, focuses on leveraging its technological expertise to advance the energy transition and circular economy. The cooperation between Synthos and Green Circle aims to develop an industrial technology for obtaining bio-butadiene from bio-ethanol based on Synthos research and Lummus experience in scaling and commercializing the technology.

Bio-butadiene based rubbers are long awaited products by both tire and technical rubber goods manufacturers. One of the elements of acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development is the search for renewable raw materials that will replace those obtained from fossil sources.


About Synthos

Synthos S.A. is a chemical producer and a key player in the global synthetic rubber market. Synthos S.A Capital Group’s line of business involves the production and sales of chemical products used as raw materials and intermediate products in a wide range of industries, in particular, in the tire industry, the construction industry and the packaging industry.

About Lummus Technology

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