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Synthos donation for the fight against smog

Synthos has made a donation of PLN 80,000 to the Town of Oświęcim, as further support in the fight against smog.

The donation will be used to subsidize the decommissioning of old heat sources in council buildings and to connect them to the central heating network.

The municipal government conducts extensive activities to reduce low emissions. In addition to subsidies for replacing furnaces in detached houses, the town aims to decommission old heat sources in council buildings. More council flats will be connected to the central heating network this year, 26 flats in total. The local government has allocated PLN 300 thousand for the project, additional PLN 80 thousand is the support from Synthos S.A.

- We are involved in the fight against low emission because we realize that it is a serious problem of Oświęcim and its vicinity. We are donating PLN 80 thousand to the town to modify a section of the heating system in one of the tenements in Oświęcim. Of course, we would like to transfer much more, but we all see the present situation and the future is unpredictable and uncertain - says the Chairman of the Board of Synthos, Zbigniew Warmuz. - Synthos is present in the town. Most of our employees live in Oświęcim, I’m going to move here myself, so I have a personal interest in living in a clean environment," he stresses.

In the years 2019-2020, Synthos donated more than PLN one million to the town and municipality of Oświęcim for the fight against smog, with the aim to support financial aid programs for residents implemented by the local governments for the replacement of old heating equipment.