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Group's business activity

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The Group's operations are divided into five main segments: butadiene and rubber ("Synthetic Rubbers"), styrene and styrene derivatives ("Styrene Plastics"), dispersions, adhesives and latex ("Dispersion, Adhesives and Latex"), plant protection products ("Agro") and cosmeceuticals and food supplements ("Care").



The Group also derives its revenue from auxiliary activities related to the production and distribution of heat energy from its own power plants, as well as revenue from the trading and distribution of electricity ("Other Activities", including "Media").

The Group’s business involves largely the sales of chemical products used as raw materials and intermediate products in a wide range of industries, in particular the automotive, packaging and construction industries.

The Synthetic Rubbers segment is the main segment of the Group’s operation. The Group’s customers of approx. 80% of its sales volume in this segment are key players of the tire industry, including Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Pirelli. The remaining 20% of the sales volume in this segment is split among other markets, including manufacturers of technical rubber products, footwear soles, flexible ducts and transmission belts.

The Styrene Plastics segment manufactures three main types of products for different applications. The first one is expandable polystyrene (“EPS”), used mainly to manufacture thermal insulation boards, the basic insulating material used in Central Europe. The second type includes general purpose polystyrene (“GPPS”) and high impact polystyrene (“HIPS”), used mainly in the food packaging industry. Polystyrene is used to manufacture disposable tableware, cups, containers for dairy products, trays and cutlery. The third group comprises boards made of extruded polystyrene (“XPS”). XPS is used mainly in the construction industry for thermal insulation, inverted roofs, floors, and for insulation of thermal bridges and cavity walls.

The Dispersions, Adhesives and Latexes segment has three product groups. The first group comprises acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl dispersions. Their main application is the manufacture of paints, acrylic plasters, primers, sealants and many other chemicals used in the construction industry, as well as adhesives for wood and the paper industry. The second group consists of adhesives intended mainly for the wood, furniture and paper industries. The third group includes butadiene-styrene latexes used mainly to produce foam products and carpets.

The Agro segment involves the production and sales of plant protection products, seed dressing agents, biocides and leaf fertilizers. Products representing particular categories provide crop protection from the sowing to the harvest, protecting plants against the destructive action of pathogenic fungi, pests and weeds and provide plants with the necessary micro and macroelements in the form of special fertilizers. Besides the production of pesticides, the AGRO segment offers services for domestic and foreign customers in the area of formulation and packaging of liquid and suspension-based plant protection products.

The Media segment deals with the production and distribution of heat energy, electricity-heat cogeneration, as well as trading and distribution of electricity.

The Care segment is involved with the development, production and sales of advanced nanocarrier systems for active substances used in cosmetics and food supplements. The products offered in these categories guarantee the delivery of active substances directly to the cells of the human body, which in combination with high bioavailability ensures multiplied effectiveness of the final products in which they were used.

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