Basic features - Synthos S.A.

SYNTHOS Kralupy a.s. (formerly KAUČUK, a.s.) is a chemical enterprise with many years tradition, whose foundations were laid in 1954, when it was decided to initiate its building development in Kralupy nad Vltavou. The construction itself started in 1958 on the site of the former military airport. In 1963, the production of the synthetic rubber began. During the following years, production has been extended in the region of polystyrene polymers.



In the mid eighties, the company rapidly expanded by putting the oil refinery unit into operation. The main products of this unit have been fuels and liquid gases; apart from them, the refinery also produces certain basic components for the production program of KAUČUK, a.s. Within the process of the Czech petrochemistry restructuring, the oil refinery was split from the company in 1996 to form a newly founded company - Česká rafinérská, a.s. A year later, the remaining petrochemical part of the plant became a part of the UNIPETROL group. The new strategic partner PKN ORLEN entered the UNIPETROL in June 2006.

Within the Group restructuring process, proceedings were launched for the sale of KAUČUK, completed on 19 July 2007 when Firma Chemiczna DWORY, S.A., Poland, a company with a similar product portfolio, acquired the ownership rights. In accordance with his strategic goals the new owner decided to change commercial name to SYNTHOS Kralupy a.s. The newly established business company was registered in the Commercial Register on 2nd November 2007. There is another consequential change, connected with the change of the company name, which is the change of the SYNTHOS Group logo.


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