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Ethics and Whistleblowing

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Company vision and mission

The strategic objective of Synthos is to create an innovative, fast, lean and focused economic organisation with a strong position in the global market, allowing to win and maintain the position of one of the innovation leaders in the domain of raw materials for tire production, thermo-insulating materials and raw materials for construction and agriculture chemistry, in consequence leading to ensure long-lasting competitive advantage based on the technology and know-how, and the resultant long-term sustainable increase of the company value and satisfaction of the shareholders.

Among our most important objectives are to ensure the legal functioning of the organisation, to prevent and remedy any irregularities related to the functioning of the organisation, to take care of the interests of the Company and the Group, regardless of the sources of obligation under national or European law or the Company’s internal procedures, to create a culture of responsibility within the organisation and to regulate the process of reporting and explaining reported irregularities.

To this end, we have devised a system facilitating completely anonymous reporting.


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Whistleblowing procedure




At SYNTHOS GK we believe that the fundamental principle of our business is to take personal responsibility for our own actions. Our actions reflect the highest standards of honesty, loyalty, solidarity, concern and responsibility for others. Our work is based on the applicable legal regulations and this Code of Ethics.


We believe that strict adherence to our ethical principles is the most important commitment to our clients, associates and business partners, and allows us to build credibility with them. Breach of this Code is treated as a breach of our obligations to our stakeholders, therefore we make the most of our efforts to correct the actions we take.

Our employees are committed to promptly report any breaches of internal regulations or possible criminal conduct to their superiors or to the Ethics Commission, which is required to promptly review each request and initiate corrective action against the alleged violation.



In our company, there are relevant documents detailing procedures for dealing with specific situations. These documents are available to all of our employees. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact your manager.

Relationships at work

Health and safety rules.
Due to the nature of our business activity, the health and safety of our employees is of utmost concern to us. This is why Synthos pays a lot of attention to obeying existing health and safety rules, especially the prohibition of working under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Our commitments also concern the safety of our customers and users of our products.

Anti-discrimination rules.
We are committed to abide the existing international standards on human rights and the fair treatment of all workers. It is unacceptable for us to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or ethnicity of our employees. All types of harassment are unacceptable and carry severe disciplinary consequences.

Equal treatment rules.
All of our employees are hired and promoted on the basis of their individual abilities and professional achievements, and are treated in an equal and respectful manner. We commit ourselves to ensure the continued development of our employees and broadening their skills and competencies for better performance. We build loyalty of our employees based on satisfactory and decent working conditions.

Care for the workplace. 
We strive to provide comfortable and decent working conditions. All employees should take care of the cleanness and order of the workspace, and abstain from any behavior that may interfere with the work of the co-workers.

Environmental Protection

Taking into account the nature and characteristics of the offered products, GK SYNTHOS complies with all environmental rules and standards by reducing the negative impact on the environment, and by the rational use of natural resources throughout the whole value chain. We act in accordance with administrative decisions marking the conditions for using natural resources. We have developed an effective Integrated Management System by making deep changes in our production and work organisation. To keep up with the environmental requirements, we are constantly monitoring the impact of chemical production on the environment surrounding our Company. We continually strive to improve our procedures and activities, aiming to increase efficiency in this area. We actively encourage our employees to support our efforts.

Local society

GK SYNTHOS is an open and friendly company. In our work we rely on the principle of honesty, respect and responsibility, therefore we want to build and maintain lasting relationships with our local society. Supporting local initiatives and developing local communities is our duty and privilege.

Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest may occur when an employee uses his or her position at GK SYNTHOS to obtain material or non-material personal benefits or, if the employee's personal interests are incompatible with his or her work duties or the company’s business interests. Our employees are obliged to avoid all activities or links that are in conflict with the interests of the Group. Situations that may lead to actual or alleged conflict of interest must be reported or consulted with your supervisor or an Ethics Commissioner. We particularly strive to apply the principles of independence in the recruitment process, or in the reward or promotion system of employees. Employment and promotion cannot be influenced by the relationship (both personal and business) of the candidate / employee with other people employed in the company.

Protection of information and personal data, social networking sites

Our company respects the right of our employees, customers and suppliers to their privacy - their personal data and other private information. Personal data is processed in the company in accordance with accepted standards and legal regulations. We protect our confidential information and information from our contractors with the utmost care. Our employees using social media sites should refrain from posting any information or material relating to the specific projects they currently participate in or have participated in the past. 

Use of confidential information in investment decisions

We are responsible for protecting the confidential information we receive, create or register in connection to our work. We commit ourselves not to use any relevant company information to gain personal profit or profit from third parties. “Relevant information” is any information that a potential investor may consider important when making investment decisions.

Using company's property

We believe that our company is our common good, so we are committed to protecting intellectual property, including our patents & know-how, trademarks, any copyrighted materials and products, and any material assets of the Company. We are also committed to use this property solely for business purposes, related to the Company's business. We commit ourselves to properly use the Company’s property and to treat it in accordance with the principles of respect, honesty, loyalty and solidarity. Any activity involving theft, fraud, embezzlement or misappropriation of the Company property is unacceptable - both in respect of corporate and legal regulations.

Relationships with suppliers and subcontractors

We believe that building long-term relationships with our suppliers based on the highest ethical standards is crucial for the company's development and for building a reputation for our brand. GK SYNTHOS respects the values of its business partners. As a Company, we expect our suppliers and subcontractors to adhere to the laws and regulations of this Code of Ethics.


Furthermore, in the course of selecting suppliers and signing contracts, we are guided by a transparent and objective evaluation of offers, based on the competitiveness of the proposed prices of products and services, their quality and reputation of the supplier. In the selection process we avoid favors and do not accept any conflict of interest. To all suppliers - current and potential, we provide equal access to information on offer contests, and tenders without placing any of our stakeholders at a privileged position.

Fair competition

At the core of the Company's business activity lays fair competition on all markets in which we operate. All employees are required to comply with current worldwide antitrust and competition laws. GK SYNTHOS does not tolerate any understandings or arrangements between actual or potential competitors to determine and control prices, boycott specific suppliers or customers, and restrict production or sales of product lines.

Anti-corruption policy

In Synthos all business decisions are made honestly and reliably and are based on objective business criteria.

Receiving presents from suppliers

To avoid potentially corruptive situations, employees of GK Synthos are required to act in accordance with the adopted standards, procedures and guidelines. They are not allowed to accept gifts or favours, except for customarily acceptable small advertising materials of the contractor(calendars, notepads, pendrives – with the contractors logo/trademark). Any gifts, irrespective of their value, that do not meet these criteria shall be without delay sent back to the sender. Employees of GK Synthos shall not accept invitations to non-business meetings organised, financed or sponsored by the contractors, that would make us feel obliged to treat our business partners favorably.

Giving presents to external parties 

We respect our partners' anti-corruption policies. We do not make any offers or give presents which would make our business partners treat us favorably, in particular we do not give any presents, commissions or make any improper payments to representatives of government offices, civil service or any other stakeholders in order to make business impact on them. If our partners discourage or prohibit their employees from accepting presents, invitations to entertainment events or other forms of gifts, our employees should respect such a policy.

Financial documentation

All transactions executed by our employees are fully documented and recorded in the accounting records. We put a lot of effort to give true statements and make the correct entries in the relevant documentation. We maintain the funds and property of the Company solely for legitimate and proper purposes. Our reports, documents or financial reports submitted to the competent authorities or published to the general public are prepared in accordance with the applicable reporting standards and with due diligence. This means that they are reliable, understandable and timely.

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