Company’s history 2010 - Synthos S.A.

Company’s history 2010

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June 9th

the ceremonial start-up of the butadiene production plant takes place in Kralupy. The installation was built within the framework of the Butadien Kralupy company. The company’s shareholders are Synthos Kralupy, owning 49% of shares, and Unipetrol a.s., owning 51% of shares. The company is to supply Synthos Kralupy with butadiene, the primary raw material used for producing rubber, and in parallel, produced raffinate 1 is to be delivered to companies affiliated with Unipetrol. The installation’s production capacity is equal to 120 thous. tons per year. It was created based on modern, environment-safe technology acquired from the Japanese company, JSR.

In September, the Research and Development Center is opened, which functions within the structures of the Research and Development Division, tasked with conducting studies on the development of the Synthos group products portfolio.

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