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Company’s history 1995

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1995 - 2005


The ownership of the Company was changed. 
From a state owned company, it was transformed to the wholly owned company of the National Treasury, the shares of which were lodged to the National Investment Fund no. 10 in 1995 (NFI Foksal). In view of the growing competition in the market, privatization of the Company contributed to its better adjustment to the new economic reality.

Years 1996 - 2005

It was the time of defining and implementation of the development strategy of Dwory PLC.

The existing technologies and plants were modernized in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, to improve the product quality and further reduce environmental impacts of the production processes. Therefore, the installations for production of carbide, acetylene and acetylene derivates, detergents, and the existing styrene and suspension polystyrene plants were put out of operation.

Starting from 1996, Dwory PLC obtained the following ISO 9002 certificates for the production. The rectification process implemented in 1999 confirmed the compliance of procedures with the European standards and thus the highest quality of products.

A large-scale investment process began which, in the years 1996-1999, consumed the spending of over PLN 460 million, from own capital and credits. Therefore, in the years 1997-1999, the production lines for commercial and rubber latex were gradually modernized, new lines for production of expanded polystyrene (Owipian®) were started up, which resulted in the increase of the productivity to 65 thousand tons/year, new plant for styrene production (10 thousand tons/year) based on Lummus technology, environmentally-friendly Regenox system for purification of fumes containing styrene from rubber dries and block polystyrene plant (Owispol®) based on the licensed FINA technology, delivering 50 thousand t/year of the innovative quality product with wide range of applications were commissioned. The changes in the commercial offer reflect the strategy of the Company growth, based on the concentration of production in three product groups: rubber and latex, polystyrene and vinyl dispersions.

Focusing on the main activity required far-reaching restructuring of the Company, resulting in 15 new entities separated to date, mainly providing services or dealing with the production of products having no significant impact on the Company’s economy. The restructuring resulted in a considerable employment reduction which, as of 2000, was cut down to ca. 2400 workers. The late 1990’s involved also reorientation of the policy from the manufacturing to the customer market.

This resulted in the reorganization of the sales staff, marketing departments were created from scratch, export activities became independent and the process of creating a modern image of Dwory PLC is continued. Tough economic reality has eliminated from production other unprofitable products, such as trichloroethylene, acetaldehyde, vinyl acetate and chloride.

The results achieved so far prove the correctness of the strategy based on the development of selected products, and the improvement process continues.

Organizational structures are being simplified and cost is being cut down. Works are underway to implement the Total Quality Management (TQM) and financial controlling systems, as well as the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001. Export is growing, reaching as much as 37 % of the sales value.

In the year of the 55th anniversary, the Chemical Company Dwory SA is an entity capable of competing with other companies in the domestic and foreign markets. The development strategy set out for the years 1998-2002 is consistently implemented. Creating a the pro-market orientation is and will continue to be the main objective of the Company restructuring. This will make it possible to better adjust to the varied needs of the customers and allow further growth in the years to come.

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