Company’s history 1945 - Synthos S.A.

Company’s history 1945

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1945 - 1958


Synthos – how it all began

Synthos PLC was founded on September 1st, 1945, as the Factory of Synthetic Fuels in Dwory. In 1946, the company was renamed Państwowe Zakłady Syntezy Chemicznej w Dworach (State-owned Chemical Synthesis Plants of Dwory).

In 1948, the name was changed to: Zakłady Syntezy Chemicznej w Dworach (Chemical Synthesis Plants of Dwory) One year later, the company was renamed Zakłady Chemiczne - Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe Wyodrębnione w Oświęcimiu (Chemical Works, Separate State Company of Oświęcim).


The establishment of the plants as the Factory of Synthetic Fuels in Dwory.

After the transfer of undertaking, the Management of the Factory of Synthetic Fuels of Dwory, at first, secured the land, found and employed experts, supervised the reorganization of factory facilities and development of the production technologies.


The first chemicals were produced.

Those were: trichloroethylene and chlorobenzene. The production launch was preceded by starting up the steam boiler and turbine set in the Power Plant.


The synthetic naphtha production (syntina) was launched. Technical and social infrastructure was being established.


From January 2, 1951, the Works were subordinated to the Central Administration for the Chemical Synthesis, and from 1959, to the Association of Chemical Synthesis Industry of Gliwice.

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