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Innovation Leader of the Year

Synthos PLC won first prize in the Polish Chemical Awards 2013 in the category of Innovation Leader of the Year. The prize was awarded during the Polish Chemical Forum conference, held on 26th November 2013 in Warsaw. The jury, under the leadership of Tomasz Zieliński, President of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, honored outstanding companies in the chemical industry.

The firm received the Innovation Leader award for its consistently implemented strategy of building value through increased innovation and possessing its own highly specialized R & D structure.

Good Firm

Synthos PLC has been awarded the title of Good Firm by Rzeczpospolita. The company was recognized as the best-developing firm from the daily newspaper’s List of 2000 Polish Enterprises.

Among the most dynamic publicly-traded companies

Synthos PLC was ranked among the most dynamically growing publicly-traded companies in the category of raw materials, according to Forbes. The authors of the ranking, which was published in 2013, named the best and fastest-growing publicly-traded companies, selected on the basis of rate of growth of income, assets, capital, profitability ratios and performance over the last three years. 

Leader in Occupational Safety

Synthos Dwory once again received the prestigious Leader in Occupational Safety Card, which is granted for a period of two years. After that time, in order to renew the card, the company must show what kind of activities it has taken in the field of occupational safety and health.

Candidates are assessed in several areas. In addition to the rate of work-related accidents and occupational diseases, the assessments are based on the implementation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the area of safety and the enhancement of employees’ qualifications in this area.

Synthos Dwory has possessed a Leader in Occupational Safety Card without interruption since 2004.

Synthos S.A. The Pearl of the Polish Economy

Synthos S.A. won 2nd place in the Polish enterprises rank, and was awarded the title of the Pearl of the Polish Economy in the "Great" Pearls category. The prize was awarded  for the consistent implementation of the company's policy and strategy and the leader position among the most dynamic and most efficient companies in Poland.

The organizer of this event is the english monthly magazine Polish Market, and the Institute of Economic Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

"Great" Pearls of the Polish Economy is a title awarded for 10 consecutive years to the best companies among those, whose annual revenues exceed 1 billion PLN. The rank is based not on the evaluation of the jury, but on an algorithm developed by the PAN Institute of Economic Sciences, taking into account various aspects of the company’s business activity.

Synthos among the top suppliers

Pirelli have announced a list of their nine top suppliers for 2012. Included on the list was Synthos PLC. Among the companies recognized, five come from Asia and the Pacific region.

The nine best suppliers were selected from among 12,000 companies from around the world with which Pirelli does business. In creating the list, account was taken of the following factors: sustainable development, quality, service, speed of delivery, innovativeness, cost, and global image.

Synthos among the Pearls of the Polish Economy

In 2009, Synthos PLC was awarded a certificate in the ranking of Polish businesses and received the title Pearl of the Polish Economy.

Synthos PLC has won the second place in the ranking of Polish companies and has been awarded the title of the Pearl of Polish Economy The Pearls of the Polish Economy Ranking is organized jointly by the English language economic monthly Polish Market and the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics. The company was awarded a similar title in 2008.

Synthos an international champion

Synthos S.A. won the main prize in a competition “Polish Company-International Champion” in the category for foreign investors. The competition was organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
The prizes were awarded to companies which were particularly successful in their international expansion. The competition welcomed all companies operating in Poland, with domestic capital and which within the last five years have made some foreign investments, conducted extensive export activities and have been successful on foreign markets. The prizes were awarded in the following categories: foreign investments and export.

The point of the competition is to promote Polish companies that are successful on foreign markets as investors or exporters and also to promote benefits that not only these companies may enjoy but the whole Polish economy.

The competition was held under the patronage of the program “Polish Company-International Champion” and the media patronage of “Rzeczpospolita”. 

Best of European Business Competition

Synthos PLC emerged victorious in the Mergers and Acquisitions category of the Polish edition of the Best of European Business competition, receiving the award for the successful completion of its acquisition of the Czech company, Kaučuk a.s.

The Best of European Business finalists were judged in three categories, all of them key aspects of business; Growth, Mergers and Acquisitions and International Competitiveness. In selecting the leader in the Mergers and Acquisitions category, the jury was guided by the criterion of the value of transactions carried out in 2007, as well as by qualitative criteria such as the synergy of the customer and products portfolio involved, geographical expansion, reduced competition and extending the value chain.

“Receiving this award in the Best of European Business Competition is a tremendous distinction for Synthos PLC. We value the expert panel’s recognition of our operations in terms of the acquisition of Kaučuk immensely. Thanks to the merger and the effective introduction of the integration process to both companies, together with the fact that we have availed ourselves of the resulting synergy effects, we are now able to face up to the challenges which confront us in the current market situation”, says Dariusz Krawczyk, the Chairman of the Management Board and Director General of Synthos PLC.

The Polish edition of the Best of European Business competition is organized by the consultancy company, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. The competition aims to showcase Europe’s best and most effective business enterprises and this was the fourth Polish edition.

Following their victory, the Polish winners enter the European lists, matched against the best companies selected from the other countries participating in competition, i.e. France, Spain, Portugal and Germany. The European final will take place in 2009

Outstanding Exporter

Synthos PLC was awarded the title of Outstanding Exporter 2008 in a competition organised by the Polish Exporters’ Association (Stowarzyszenie Eksporterów Polskich). In selecting the winners, data relating to the value of the companies’ exports and the revenue share they represent were just two of the criteria taken into consideration. 

Pearl of the Polish Economy

The Chemical Company Dwory S.A. was ranked 28th in the ranking of the most valuable  companies -  'Pearls of the Polish stock exchange', prepared by the daily Parkiet.  The ranking presents 276 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the dynamic development of which is visible both in  financial results and market value.

Pearl of the Polish Economy

Synthos PLC was distinguished in Polish business enterprise ranking, being awarded a certificate and the Pearl of the Polish Economy title in the Outstanding Pearls category. The distinction is awarded for the consistent implementation of the enterprise’s policy and strategy and for its position as a leader among Poland’s most dynamic and effective businesses.

Now in its sixth year, the Pearl of the Polish Economy ranking is jointly organised by the English language monthly, Polish Market and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Instytut Nauk Ekonomicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk). The Honorary Patrons are the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Waldemar Pawlak and the Chairman of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Michał Kleiber

List of largest plastic suppliers

In Plastics Review “Big Plastics Suppliers”, the list of biggest suppliers of plastic and additives for processing in Poland, Chemical Company Dwory S.A. was ranked  3rd place.

Honorable mention on the Rubber Industry Trade Fair.

Honorable mention on the Rubber Industry Trade Fair for an outstanding presentation style.

Safe Work Leader Gold Card

As a token of appreciation in the field of work conditions and safety improvement the Polish national Central Institute for Labour Protection (CIOP) extended the received in 2004 Safe Work Leader Gold Card to years 2006-2008. The ceremony of receiving the Gold Card took place during the IX Conference of Safe Work Leaders Forum “New rules for assessing work safety in businesses for prevention”. It was held Cracow, 23-24th of October 2006. 

The Safe Work Leader Gold Card was collected on behalf of Dwory S.A. by Chief Safety Specialist Ryszard Bienia.

Top 2000 Polish enterprises

In October 2017 “Rzeczpospolita” published its “Top 2000 Polish enterprises list”. This list is a source of information on financial and telephone/address data for Poland's biggest companies. Dwory S.A. Chemical Company was ranked 198th on the list. 

The list authors published the following data for 2005: sales revenue, sales dynamics, operating profit, net profit, depreciation, assets, equity, investments, ROE and employment. Website addresses and phone numbers for each of the companies mentioned on the list were also provided. 

Rzeczpospolita and Polityka Top 500 lists

“Rzeczpospolita” published in April its Top 500 Companies of 2005. Dwory S.A. Chemical Company was ranked 199th. The list was accompanied by another one - for 500 Most Valuable Enterprises. According to “Rzeczpospolita” the total value of companies listed on this list was 800 billion PLN - this constituted 80% of the gross domestic product. Dwory S.A were ranked at 288th place.

12th time in a row, the list for Top 500 Biggest Polish Companies was published also by the weekly magazine “Polityka”. On this list, Chemical Company Dwory S. A. was ranked 175th. “Polityka”’s list is different from the one presented by “Rzeczpospolita” because it doesn’t include financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds. 

TOP 250 list

“Parkiet” published their TOP 250, which contains companies listed on the stock market, ranking them according to their market value. Chemical Company Dwory S.A. was listed as 67th. 

Accompanying the list was a juxtaposition “Highest EBITDA” - here, Dwory S.A. Was ranked 32nd.

Golden Success Leaf

Chemical Company Dwory S.A. received the prize of Golden Success Leaf in 2005. This prize is awarded by Ekologus in the following category: “Biggest project entrusted to Ekologus” 


Capital Group Dwory S.A. was listed as 14th in the BIG CAPITALS CHEMICALS rank list for Biggest Capital Groups of Polish Chemistry in the category of: highest revenue dynamics. 

The main factor used to arrange the order of companies on the list prepared by Centrum Analiz Rynkowych was net revenue from 2004 sales. The list was published in June edition of Chemical Review. 

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