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Prizes 1998 - 2005


Acknowledgements from SPS to Dwory S.A.

A diploma along with special acknowledgments for contributing to the development of the thermal insulating material industry in Ukraine from ukrainian Association of Styrofoam Manufacturers (SPS).

SITPChem Honor Badge

Badge of Małoplska Region

Entrepreneurship Day 2005


Entrepreneurship Day is a joint initiative of the Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, the Polish Confederation of Private Employers and the Business Center Club.

Manager of the Year 2004

Zdzisław Ingielewicz, Chairman of the Board, General Director of Chemical Company Dwory S.A. was the finalist of the competition for the title of "Manager of the Year 2004" organized by the Association of Managers in Poland.
The competition was organized for the ninth time. Its main purpose was to select the best manager in Poland, and the main idea behind the contest was to promote polish managers and present their accomplishments. More than 100 competitors have been entered into the contest. President of Dwory S.A. was one of the seven finalists. He was awarded for "Long-lasting, but very effective climb on the high stairs - from performing a model restructuration of the company, launching new production lines, developing a strong position on the European markets, to having a successful debut on the stock exchange and having dreams of swallowing European competitors."

Honorable mention in the best website in plastic industry competition

Chemical Company Dwory S.A. website was awarded in the first edition of the competition for the best website in the plastics industry.

70 companies, including Dwory S.A., applied to the contest organized by plastic industry website The best website title was awarded to the site of company Polimarky. Dwory S.A. were among the nine honorable mentions, receiving an annual presentation in the Companies Catalogue on and the possibility of presenting on their web pages the certificate of the best website in the plastics industry.

Certificate of emblem

Entrepreneurship Day

Polish Quality Award

Chemical Company Dwory S.A. received an award in the X edition of the Polish Quality Award Competition in the category of large production organizations. The award ceremony took place on November 11, 2004. at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The Polish Quality Award (PQA) model has been developed based on the EFQM “Excellence Model” conception. Companies taking part in this competition are rated on the TQM level of implementation. 

According to the organizers of PQA, a company acknowledged by PQA is a quality example worth following for other companies in Poland. This award is granted for visible, positive effects of good management in all aspects and areas of a company’s business activity. 

Safe Work Leader Gold Card

Central Institute for Labour Protection awarded Chemical Company Dwory S.A. with its Safe Work Leader Gold Card. It is the most prestigious award in this field on the Polish market. The award ceremony will take place on Tuesday. Chief Safety Specialist Ryszard Bienia highlights, that this success is the effect of long and arduous efforts to improve work conditions and safety.

Badge of the Malopolska Region

Małopolska Quality Award

Winner of the 6th edition of the Małopolska Quality Award 2003

In 2003 Dwory S.A. was awarded in the 6th edition of the Małopolska Quality Award in the category of large companies. This award confirms the effectiveness of the TQM philosophy application in Dwory S.A. 

Honorable mention in the Golden Orbital Contest

ury of the Golden Orbital Competition:



  • prof. dr hab. Eng. Antoni Ryszard Kunicki


  • prof. Ph.D. Edward Grzywa
  • prof. dr hab. Eng. Antoni Kijeński  
  • MSc Sylwia Batorska

On May 6, 2006, among 17 companies nominated in three categories for the Golden Orbital Competition, the jury decided to acknowledge Chemical Company Dwory S.A. with a special diploma for the implementation of low viscosity dispersion of acrylic copolymer with very small particle size - Osakryl® ADG. Substance used for the production of primers for foundations made of minerals, wood etc.

Osakryl® ADG dispersion is especially useful in renovation work on old, damaged surfaces, because it penetrates the surface deeply and enhances its structure. Appropriately selected polymer composition and its particle size distribution enables deep surface penetration. The product mixture in turn ensures very good chemical resistance of the created coating, especially in alkaline conditions. This allows applying primer on both fresh plaster and mineral surfaces. This new created surface has very good adhesion to decorative and protective coats.

Chemical Company Dwory SA is one of Poland’s biggest chemical industry representatives. Its activity is concentrated on three strategic business areas: synthetic rubbers (among others - KER®), styrene materials (f.ex. Owispol®) & vinyl and copolymer dispersions. Furthermore the company produces also chlorine, sodium hydroxide, solvents, polyvinyl chloride and many other chemical products.

IISRP presidency

Member of the Honorary Board of the Plastics Industry

Integrated quality and environmental management system

Member of the Brand Academy

Chemical company Dwory S.A. became a member of the elite Brand Academy. 


The Brand Academy is a voluntary corporation of companies, institutions and people who represent a confirmed and recognize brand, who always strive to develop their own brands and who understand business activity also as a public service and type of creation.

Exactly one year ago Chemical Company Dwory S.A. received the status of the founder of Brand Academy and three weeks ago it became one of its members - 70 companies belonging to the Polish business elite.

The Pantheon of Polish Ecology

Dwory S.A. was awarded with the “Pantheon of Polish Ecology”,  a prestigious prize granted by PPH Geo-Land Consulting International Sp. z o.o. -  partner of Presspublika, the publisher of “Rzeczpospolita”. The “Pantheon of Polish Ecology” was established by the consulting office of Geo-Land. The minister of Environment and Director of the Polish Center for Research and Certification both held patronage over awarding the prize. 

The award has been granted for three years. It has been acknowledging Polish companies, which have developed and implemented an environmental management system compliant with the requirements set by ISO 14001. It confirms that a company contributes to improve the natural environment, and controls activities connected to it.

Best Project in Malopolska Region

In the middle of December of last year, The Association of Municipalities and Districts of Małopolska organized in Krakow the first conference called "The best projects of 2001 in Małopolska - New investments for the new economy". Many local government representatives were invited to participate in the conference and selected by the organizers of the company, which are aspiring to be the leading names in the region. Dwory S.A. were among those participants. 

Mister of Export

Dwory S.A. have been acknowledged in the contest “Mister and Junior of Export”. In June of last year the “Mister and Junior of Export” contest has been settled. This competition is organized by the Ministry of Economy, the National Chamber of Commerce and the Poznań International Fair. Dwory S.A. took part in this competition with KER® - rubbers exported with success for many years.

Member - Founder of the Brand Academy

By becoming the founder of the Academy of Marks, Dwory S.A. became one the 81 companies of Polish business elite.After presenting the relevant materials characterizing the corporation, the qualification commission nominated the company. The nomination was received on Saturday, June 9th by Chairman of the Board, General Director Zdzisław Ingielewicz.

Nomination in the Teraz Polska competition  - Owipian®

Dwory S.A. chemical company took part in “Teraz Polska - no borders” fair, which took place April 26-28 in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Owipian® gained 1000 points out of 1000 possible to acquire, according to the opinion of the expert committee assessing its quality. Experts assessing commercial value of the company gave it 91,3% out of max. 100%.

Outstanding Polish Exporter

The fourth edition of the competition "Foreign Markets" was concluded May 28 of this year. During the finale, selected companies were awarded the "Outstanding Polish Exporter of the year 2000” award. Chemical Company Dwory S.A. received this title. 

The honorary title of “The one who changes the Polish industry”

The monthly economic magazine "Nowy Przemysł" awarded the Chemical Company Dwory S.A. with the honorary title of "The one who changes the Polish industry". According to the magazine editorial office, this title is awarded to people and companies that had the greatest impact on the changes taking place in the Polish industry in 2000, and particularly influenced the development of the Polish economy.

Awarding this title is connected to the project “We change the Polish industry” initiated by the Polish Association for Enterprise Support- the publisher of the "New Industry".

ISO 14001 certificate

Only a few Polish companies can demonstrate having the certificate for the Environmental Resource Management System, confirming compliance with ISO 14001 norm. Dwory S.A. Chemical Company is part of this prestigious group since June of this year. This confirms that the company treats environmental issues equally to its production modernisation and development. Thanks to many years of efforts- both organizational and financial- any ecological threats have been eliminated from the company’s activities. Therefore you can say Dwory S.A have become an ecologically clean institution. 

Medal of the city of Oświęcim

Dwory Chemical Company Team has been awarded by the authorities of Oświęcim with the City Medal. The City Council granted this honor to former and current employees of the Company who contributed to the development of the city.

The Medal of the city of Oświęcim is an honorable distinction granted by the City Council to people or institutions for a special contribution to the development or promotion of the city in the economic, social and cultural spheres. The Medal is also awarded for actions of popular recognition and raising the prestige of Oświęcim in Poland and abroad. So far, 27 people and institutions have been honored with it. 

Silver Safety Leadership Card

Award granted by the Central Institute for Labor Protection in 1998.

Beskidy Quality Award

Award granted by the Beskidy Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT in 1998.

ISO certifications for the entire range of products

From September 25 to 27, this year German certification body RW TÜV conducted an audit on the premises of Chemical Company Dwory S.A. The purpose of the audit was to verify that the Company's quality management system is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9002, and that the Company is implementing the planned activities for the system improvement. The audit was also aimed at verifying the conformity of existing procedures with ISO 9001. This extends the application of quality standards from ISO 9002 to the product design phase.

Obtaining a certificate in accordance with ISO 9001 certifies that appropriate quality procedures are applied to the design, manufacture and sale of products as well as customer service.

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