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OSAKRYL®, Synexil® are market brands of water dispersions produced by Synthos S.A. Synexil® and Osakryl® groups include vinyl acetate based dispersions, acrylic copolymers and styrene-acrylic products.

At present, the product portfolio of Synthos water dispersions serves the needs of broadly understood construction chemicals manufacturers, i.e. manufacturers of paints, plasters, primers, putties, including decorative putties (stucco), various adhesives (e.g. paper, wood, PSA adhesives and more).

Since the beginning of the production of water dispersions in Synthos, the company has been paying special attention to the ecological aspect of these products. None of dispersions contain APEO emulsifiers (alkylphenol ethoxylates), solvents, hazardous plasticizers or other substances harmful to human health or the environment included in the REACH Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for Authorization at an individual concentration equal to or higher than the acceptable norms.

In doing so, our products are subject to the strict internal quality control in accordance with the certified quality control system ISO into which additional parameters, important from our business partners’ point of view, can be included on the client’s request. The high quality of our products effectively combines tradition and modernity.

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Osakryl®, Synexil®

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