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Technical Card Form



CR/WP-2 is a dispersion, water-based polyvinyl acetate adhesive. Forms a flexible and durable beige joint. Non-crumbling and resistant to bending. CR/WP-2 is a quick-setting adhesive for normally absorbent paper and cardboard substrates.

  • Adhesive for packaging industry:

    • production of paper, cardboard, paperboard and fabric packaging and cardboard (including food grade packaging).
    • bonding cardboard pallets

  • Apply using a machine or manually, depending on the application, using standard adhesive application equipment. The adhesive is offered in a ready-to-use form.


ViscosityFlexibilityBonding time
1 500 ÷ 2 000highshort
  • Viscosity Flexibility Bonding time
    1 500 ÷ 2 000 high short