Unique functionalities

The unique composition of Geopolymer used in the InVento technology employs the infra-red blocking phenomenon. This is important for the current construction requirements in respect to decreasing heat losses and ensuring thermal insultation panel performance stability.

Research indicates that InVento offers a 25% higher thermal insulation efficiency (in comparison to the traditional styrofoam panels).

This competitive feature results from the properties of the eco-friendly Geopolymer embedded in the InVento cell structure.

The Geopolymer spatial structure is a characteristic feature of the additive and affects its optical properties, blocking heat from passing through the partition.

Geopolymer is a modern material that offers more than just the perfect thermal insulation capacity. It features a high fire resistance, fulfilling the role of a eco-friendly flame retardant in thermal insulation styrofoam panels.

Premium-class insulation

The perfect insulation for your home with a technology that provides the market’s best insulation parameters.

Premium-class insulation is possible due to the homogeneous cell structure of the material with embedded innovative Geopolymer.

This means the highest, never before seen styrofoam panel thermal insulation capacity.

Lower panel thickness (up to 25% in comparison with white styrofoam panels) ensures quick installation and smaller thickness of the entire thermal insulation system, as well as the possibility to sit

Energy Savings

Unique cell structure ensures that InVento styrofoam panels provide the best thermal insulation for buildings. This results in decreasing the energy demand for cooling rooms in the summer and heating in the winter.

Such a significant energy consumption decrease results from the thermal insulation parameter called the λ heat transfer coefficient. InVento offers the best λ values in the market.

Reducing energy consumption provides not only economic, but also environmental benefits.

Environmental stewardship

When choosing a material based on the InVento raw material, you can rest assured that you have chosen the most eco-friendly thermal insulation solution created in a waste-free and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Products made using the InVento technology offer full recyclability. Their composition and structure support the assumptions of a circular economy.

The unique Geopolymer additive embedded in the InVento structure offers unmatched eco-friendliness. This is all due to the fact that it may be fully recovered through recycling. It may be re-used to

InVento is a family of state-of-the-art Synthos EPS products created with the natural environment in mind.

InVento are premium, grey polystyrenes intended for expansion (EPS). These are innovative and eco-friendly products designed for a wide range of applications in the thermal insulation market. Their thermal conductivity coefficient [λ] drops below 0.030 [W/m·K].

InVento manufacturing is based on an extrusion process conducted in the most modern system of this type in Europe. Geopolymer, which is used in their production, is an eco-friendly additive which acts as both an agent that reduces thermal conductivity coefficient and a halogen-free flame retardant.

InVento products stand out due to their eco-friendly nature, implementing the assumptions of a circular economy. The huge competitive advantage of the InVento family results not only from the thermal insulation parameters of its products, but also from their full recyclability and waste-free manufacturing process based on recycled raw materials. With its excellent processing capacity, InVento allows to limit material waste and ensures savings that result from reduced processing times.

Typical applications of the InVento final products include the thermal insulation of:

  • External and internal walls,
  • Flat and dual pitch roofs,
  • Floors and foundations

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