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Synthos EPS

Expandable polystyrene (PS-E or EPS) is a polymer material containing pentane in its composition, which enables expansion. EPS may contain additives that grant specific properties to the styrofoam obtained. Important ingredients include flame retardants, agents decreasing thermal conductivity and water absorption, as well as external lubricants facilitating the processing, or coloring agents.

Synthos S.A. is the largest expandable polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer in Europe and one of the largest manufacturers of this material worldwide.

EPS manufactured at Synthos S.A. plants is offered under the trade names InVento and InSphere (construction EPS) and InPacto (packaging EPS). Our extensive product portfolio is the most comprehensive offering available to European customers.

Synthos XPS

XPS (extruded polystyrene) is a modern thermal insulation material broadly recognized by the construction industry, with constantly increasing market popularity.

It offers very good thermal insulation, moisture resistance and high durability. A closed-cell internal structure grants a number of unique features that are very useful in construction.

XPS PRIME is appreciated by our customers as the best material in its category. Its characteristics have been recognized by international research institutes.

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Educational campaign

    At the end of September 2023, in partnership with Synthos, the Polish nationwide educational campaign #poznajstyropian (Get to Know Expanded Polystyrene) was launched. The campaign aims to show the properties of expanded polystyrene boards and the benefits of insulating a house with them.

    The campaign answers the most frequently asked questions from investors – taking into account the needs and various thematic pillars. Both regarding economic and environmental issues. Moreover, on the example of the “Wise Investors” family, questions and problems faced by Polish families regarding thermal insulation were addressed through animation. The campaign is based on reports and calculations by independent research institutions. The aim is to show the broadest possible point of view and enable to make an informed choice regarding thermal insulation.

    One of the pillars of the campaign is the ability to independently calculate the benefits of thermal insulation. The free calculator available at indicates not only the fulfilment of technical regulations, but also calculates financial and environmental savings, such as reduction of CO2 emissions. This is particularly important in view of the wave of renovations and the need for thermal modernization of buildings.

    Investors planning to build a new house might also check the benefits of using a thicker layer of insulation or one with better insulating parameters.

    The campaign is carried out under the patronage of the European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (EUMEPS)


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