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We are the largest producer of expandable polystyrene (EPS) in Europe and the main supplier of XPS panels in Central Europe.

Our solutions are widely used in the construction industry.

Our offer includes numerous solutions for the construction industry, starting from expanded polystyrene, through finished XPS panels, up to the raw materials necessary for manufacturing construction chemistry materials.

Increasing costs of energy and growing involvement in environmental protection force us to use more advanced and even more effective thermal insulation materials. Their task is to maintain temperature inside buildings at a level expected by the users and, additionally, protect against the impact of external temperature (during both the winter and summer season).

Europe is seeing a strong trend towards decreasing final energy consumption.

This is caused by, among other factors, directives adopted by the European Union that impose the necessity to decrease power consumption of buildings and introduce programs supporting energy saving.

It is estimated that as much as 60% of building thermal insulation in Poland is made with styrofoam, which is manufactured using EPS expanded polystyrene as a raw material.

According to various sources, as much as 85% of the total styrofoam production is used for building facade insulation. In the light of the above-mentioned trends and changes to European law, it is estimated that this value will continue to grow steadily.

EPS panels are also applied as acoustic insulation, protecting against excessive noise.

The expanded polystyrene offered by Synthos is mainly used for manufacturing styrofoam panels.

It is the most popular thermal insulation material in the construction market. This is first of all, because of its properties, which make it the most effective thermal insulation material, providing good value for money.

Its additional advantages include, among others, easy installation, excellent durability parameters and, what is very important nowadays, recyclability.

EPS is the only fully recyclable thermal insulation product in the market.

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Synthos XPS Prime

Finished Synthos XPS PRIME panels are another Synthos product dedicated for the construction market.

They constitute a modern thermal insulation material, created with an environmental mindset. Its modern formula builds on the Synthos XPS white panel, appreciated by customers in many countries.

These panels are final products – finished construction materials. Synthos XPS PRIME is a material shaped in the form of a panel through direct expansion and extrusion.

These panels feature a specific, closed-cell foam structure with a low density and smooth surface. They have been marked with the GREEN LAMBDA symbol, which expresses the drive of Synthos Group towards innovative life-enhancing solutions without a negative impact on the natural environment.

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Aqueous dispersions

Synthos also manufactures advanced aqueous dispersions available under the Synexil® and Osakryl® brands.

Our dispersion technologies combine many years of experience in the field of energy with the ambition of our R&D team, evidenced by our employees’ presence at all significant world conferences and congresses concerning the emulsion polymerization technology, as well as industry events.

Adapting to demanding market needs motivates Synthos to develop products using evermore advanced technologies. Our customers inspire us to enhance both our commercial offering and the related technical service.

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Latexes are another Synthos product used in the construction industry.

We are a manufacturer of butadiene-styrene latexes: concentrated, carboxylated and self-crosslinking. Thanks to their unique properties, they are successfully used to impregnate mesh for plastering or to produce insulation based on bituminous emulsions.

Our offer also includes products that do not contain formaldehyde donors.

Our latexes, apart from being used in the construction industry, are also used to manufacture mattresses and to impregnate non-woven materials.


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