Synthos S.A. can quickly and efficiently develop innovative products to meet customer expectations. This happens due to maintaining a network of relationships with renowned scientific institutes around the world. We perceive research and development as a tool for effective competition. This is why we run a lot of projects and we spend a lot of money on them.

We are accompanied by continuous progress and the desire to meet the expectations of of our clients. The development of our products is based primarily on our own research carried out by the Research and Development Center. Its task is to develop and implement new innovative products, including most importantly - new types of synthetic rubbers. Our aim is to systematically improve the quality and cost competitiveness in relation to the leading companies in the chemical industry.

Synthos S.A. strategy implies establishing the company value by increasing the level of innovation, and by introducing modern, technologically advanced products in our key: synthetic rubbers, (dispersible) polystyrene plastics, dispersions, adhesives and latex and agro products.