Innovations and implementations - Synthos S.A.

The strategy of the Synthos Group is to build the Company’s value by upgrading innovation and marketing modern, technologically advanced products. The Company’s R&D activities are focused on the development of the following business areas: synthetic rubbers, insulation materials, coating polymers (dispersions, latexes), adhesives and agro.



The broadening of the Company’s portfolio is mainly based on the work of the Research-and-Development Centre, established in 2010, and significantly expanded in 2014. We currently employ nearly 120 scientists, who cooperate with the best scientific institutions in Poland and abroad, which is significantly accelerating the development and commercialisation of new products.

Since 2010, Synthos has marketed dozens of new and innovative products which have greatly strengthened its market position. We are the largest manufacturer of synthetic rubbers and insulation materials (based on expanded polystyrene) in Europe. Thanks to new implementations, our position in the DAL area (dispersions, adhesives, latexes) is also growing rapidly - we are the leader on the Polish market, and plan to increase our production capacity.

In the case of synthetic rubbers, intensive research is ongoing on newer generations of  butadiene styrene (SSBR).

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