Implementations - Synthos S.A.

R&D activities within Synthos S.A. Capital Group focus on three strategic sectors: synthetic rubbers, expanded polystyrene and dispersions, adhesives and latex.



In the last
3 years

most of the products have been implemented in the dispersion and adhesives category for various applications (dispersions for wood, exterior and interior paints, plasters, sealants, wood, paper and PSA adhesives). The second category with the highest number of implementations is polystyrene materials. These are mainly modern expandable polystyrenes offered under the InVento, InSphere and InPacto brands, as well as advanced XPS PRIME boards.

In the case of synthetic rubbers, intensive research is ongoing on newer generations of  butadiene styrene (SSBR). In this case we are at the stage of semi-technical scale.

The company also begun cooperation with a French biotech company to develop biobutadiene technology in the direct fermentation process from biomass.

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