Ethics and Whistleblowing

One objective – common success

The customer is the most important

The customer is the most important for Synthos. We want to be as close as possible to our customers to understand their needs and offer them what they expect. In the longer time we also want to create our customer needs.

Company vision and mission

The strategic objective of Synthos is to create an innovative, fast, lean and focused economic organisation with a strong position in the global market, allowing to win and maintain the position of one of the innovation leaders in the domain of raw materials for tire production, thermo-insulating materials and raw materials for construction and agriculture chemistry, in consequence leading to ensure long-lasting competitive advantage based on the technology and know-how, and the resultant long-term sustainable increase of the company value and satisfaction of the shareholders.

Among our most important objectives are to ensure the legal functioning of the organisation, to prevent and remedy any irregularities related to the functioning of the organisation, to take care of the interests of the Company and the Group, regardless of the sources of obligation under national or European law or the Company’s internal procedures, to create a culture of responsibility within the organisation and to regulate the process of reporting and explaining reported irregularities.

To this end, we have devised a system facilitating completely anonymous reporting

Platform password: SYNTHOS

Whistleblowing procedure


At SYNTHOS GK we believe that the fundamental principle of our business is to take personal responsibility for our own actions. Our actions reflect the highest standards of honesty, loyalty, solidarity, concern and responsibility for others. Our work is based on the applicable legal regulations and this Code of Ethics.

We believe that strict adherence to our ethical principles is the most important commitment to our clients, associates and business partners, and allows us to build credibility with them. Breach of this Code is treated as a breach of our obligations to our stakeholders, therefore we make the most of our efforts to correct the actions we take.

Our employees are committed to promptly report any breaches of internal regulations or possible criminal conduct to their superiors or to the Ethics Commission, which is required to promptly review each request and initiate corrective action against the alleged violation.

In our company, there are relevant documents detailing procedures for dealing with specific situations. These documents are available to all of our employees. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact your manager.

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