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Reduction of greenhouse gas and liquid emissions:

Project titleReduction of greenhouse gas and dust emissions in Synthos Dwory 7
Co-financing agreement no.66/2014/Wn06/OA-XN-04/D
Value of eligible costsPLN 52,000,000
The value of co-financingPLN 15,600,000

The objective of the construction of DESOX (desulphurization) and DENOX (denitrification) installations is to reduce flue gas emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides from the existing dust boiler no. 9 (OP-140), in order to adapt it to continuous work over the whole load range of boiler after 1 January 2016, in accordance with the requirements of IED Directive No. 2010/75 /EU.
Desulfurization (DESOX) 
The flue gas desulphurization technology used is the so called "wet" technology, involving the absorption of SO2 in an aqueous suspension of magnesium oxide, built between 1978 and 1990 at the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology. As a result of the desulfurization process two products are produced: crystalline magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) and magnesium chloride (eco-friendly road salt).

As for today, DESOX installation is at the final stage of mechanical assembly (piping and HVAC systems). Simultaneously, finishing works are carried out in the process building. Following mechanical completion and post-assembly acceptance of individual devices, General Contractor shall proceed to commissioning, optimization and test run of the system.

Denitrification (DENOX) 
Denitrification will be carried out with use of SNCR method (selective non-catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides), consisting in the reagent injection (ammonia water), by means of injection lances, into the combustion chamber of OP-140 boiler.

At for today, DENOX plant is complete and its optimization is underway before the test run.

The project received funding from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism


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