For the textile industry

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Technical Card Form

For the textile industry


The Synexil® brand includes dispersions dedicated for the textile industry, which are used a basic ingredient of various finishes enhancing the performance parameters of textiles.


Product NameProduct descriptionApplicationPolymer typepHDry matter content [%]MTTF [˚C]Tg [˚C]
DN 50
Dispersion used for impregnating fiberglass and textilesFiberglass impregnation, textile impregnationPV/A3÷5,050±2approx. 15approx. 36
  • Synexil®
    DN 50

    Application Polymer type
    Fiberglass impregnation, textile impregnation< PV/A
    Product description
    Dispersion used for impregnating fiberglass and textiles
    Dry matter content [%]
    pH MTTF [˚C] Tg [˚C]
    3÷5,0 approx. 15 approx. 36