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Recruitment process

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Find the offer for yourself

Have you found the offer on our website that suits your expectations? Perfect! You are just a few steps away from a steady job in Synthos. See how easy it is!

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Apply for the chosen offer

By browsing through your resume, we will get familiar with your experience, qualifications and expectations. If we assess it positively in the context of a given position, we will happily invite you for the job interview. We will contact you by phone.


Meet us during the job interview

Meeting new people is inspiring! The job interview constitutes not only a verification of your qualifications. It is also a unique opportunity to exchange valuable opinions and broaden horizons. The job interview in Synthos consists of two stages. In the first one, you will meet your future manager together with an employee from the HR team. In the second one, you will have an opportunity to talk with the director of a given department. During the meeting, we will present the expectations and specifications of a given position. Remember that the job interview is the perfect time to ask questions. We respect your needs and your own opinion on every topic. Therefore, we will listen to you with delight and try to live up to your expectations.

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Welcome on board

Congratulations! You have successfully gone through all stages of the recruitment process. Now, we will take care of your onboarding.

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Join our team!

If the vision of work in the company which values its employees on every possible ground appeals to you, check out our actual employment opportunities!

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