Anna Grabowska

Management and Development Department Manager

Every day I work on processes and projects associated with the so-called “soft HR.” These are typically actions oriented on recruitment, development, motivating employees and responding to their needs. In ongoing recruitment processes, we look for people who come to their work with enthusiasm and vivid interest. I believe that such an attitude push our company forward. Together with the whole HR team, we make sure that the rules we follow on day-to-day basis in Synthos are reflected in our recruitment processes. Therefore, the conversation about our company’s culture and mutual expectations is an important part of the meetings with candidates.

Joanna Klęczar

Management and Development Specialist

I work on recruitment, employee development and collaboration with secondary schools and colleges. Programmes dedicated to pupils and students belong to the most important elements of our systemic approach to the education of future and present employees. Through supporting the development of competencies at the school or academic level, we make it possible for young people to develop their interests and have a good professional start. Simultaneously, we create the community of people who are highly creative, talented and motivated to learn and acquire new abilities.

Kamila Majcherczyk

Management and Development Specialist

My work in the HR Department is full of challenges and, consequently, satisfaction with performed activities. Working as the Management and Development Specialist, I am involved in various projects – both recruitment ones as well as those connected with employee development. Thanks to this, I feel that I constantly develop myself and my professional qualifications. Synthos is an innovative and dynamic company which values people who are ambitious, have potential and strive for long-term cooperation. We are looking for people who are willing to work and are open to take up new challenges. We value their creativity, resourcefulness, involvement and orientation towards success. 

Aleksandra Rodzik

Management and Development Specialist

At Synthos, I work on recruitment and employee development which brings me a lot of satisfaction. From my own experience, I know that if you are looking for stable employment, you can find it in our company. We develop rapidly and, that is why, we look for people who are more experienced as well as those who are just at the beginning of their professional careers. By applying for a position in Synthos, you can be sure that we will guide you through the whole recruitment process and, in case of a final employment, we will support your onboarding so that you can feel like an integral part of the team from the very beginning.