Induction Programme 

Periodic workshops, both adaptive and integrative, are dedicated to initiate employees. The aim of the meetings is to highlight the issues related to the company’s work, present its specification and key areas as well as people who manage them. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to make initial contacts with new colleagues, not only from the team but also from the entire company.

Two-days workshops consist of the following elements: the adaptive and integrative part, presentations about our departments as well as the tour around the Production Plant and R&D Department. 

Mentor’s Academy

Programme dedicated to mentors and high school students. The aim of the Mentor’s Academy is to develop  pupils’ potential, discover those talents that were hidden inside, and show them how much pleasure can one get out of learning a profession in a practical way. 

Production Leader

Production Leader is a project dedicated to the most involved production workers, which provides them with an opportunity to take up the position of a Foreman or Manager. Selected employees take part in workshops devised to raise their qualifications, competencies and abilities. Such workers are  chosen by the Manager or Director of a given department. 

Best of the Best

Each year, the most active and involved production workers win the title “Best of the Best.” Awarded employees are chosen on the basis of recommendations from their Line and Department Managers.  Winners are not only those workers with long job seniority and wide experience, but also those who, while working a little bit shorter, distinguish themselves with involvement, willingness to learn, promotion of good practices on the work stand, adherence to OSH and willingness to help others. 

Petrochemical Academy 

Petrochemical Academy is the internal development programme dedicated to the Top Management. The workshop consists of two days and is organised once a year. The subject area is diverse, but every time adjusted to actual as well as past trends in management of the organisation.

Pensioners’ Farewell 

Pensioners’ Farewell is the name of the annual meetings during which we gather all workers who are about to retire. It is organised once a year (as a rule in springtime). It forms a great opportunity to reflect on the time which was spent in Synthos and to express sincere gratitude to seniors for their involvement in the development of our company.