Chemical Class

Since it is our longstanding wish to hire people who are prepared to work, both from the theoretical and practical side, we have taken patronage over the chemical class in Powiatowy Zespół Numer 2 Szkół Ogólnokształcących Mistrzostwa Sportowego i Technicznych in Oświęcim. More time devoted to learning chemistry, in combination with orientation on practical usage of gained knowledge, enable students to broaden their interests in the field of chemistry. 

Index Synthos

The programme – Index Synthos – is dedicated to students who are majoring in chemical technology. The aim of the programme is to promote in the school environment the attitudes of students who get the highest academic records. The scholarship is a form of a reward for diligence and ability to creatively use one’s own skills as well as the form of support in acquiring a degree in the field of chemistry. It is granted by the commission consisting of Mentors, who were the attendants during the process of apprehending the job in practice, and the representant of the school. 

Young Engineer 

This project is dedicated to graduates of the Technical Universities, who see their future in the industry. The aim of the project is to prepare the staff who will take up the position of a Manager of a given production division in the future. 

Synthos Competition 

Synthos Competition for chemists is an opportunity to win paid internships in the R&D Department or Technological Department of our Production Plant. The aim of the competition is to reach those students who possess extensive, profound and substantive knowledge, based on which they are able to come up with creative solutions to distinct tasks.