Supporting the elements of uniqueness 

We truly believe in people. We are aware that sometimes only a tiny spark is needed to unearth what is the most valuable about them. Thus, we do not hesitate to invest in the development of our employees’ competencies. While looking for open-minded and creative people, who emanate knowledge, we discover extraordinary talents – the elements of uniqueness. 


We feel responsible for what we do, both on local and global scale. We take care to ensure the highest quality of the products and services we offer, and we consider our employees’ health and safety as the top priority. We have been receiving the Golden Card of the Safe Work Leader, granted by the Central Institute For Labour Protection, since 2004. 

By realising our social mission, we often provide financial support for various local initiatives, culture and science as well as institutions which help children. 

Equal opportunities

We deeply respect human rights. Our employees are treated equally and with respect. The determinants of employment and promotion policies in Synthos are individual abilities and professional achievements. Moreover, we provide every employee with the opportunity of steady development as well as improvement of skills and professional competencies. 


We are the driver of positive changes. As the Polish leader of chemical industry, we feel responsible for setting trends and directions. We use the latest technologies, think out of the box and introduce innovations. We constantly look for unconventional solutions which improve the quality of everyday life.