Patryk Janus

Production Shift Supervisor 

I work as the Production Shift Supervisor in Synthos AGRO. I am responsible for supervising the working shifts, products and warehouse. 

I value my work for excellent development opportunities. Cofinancing I received from the company enabled me to begin and continue studies on the faculty of Management and Production Engineering.

Justyna Zygmunt

Technology Specialist 

My cooperation with Synthos began in 2016 from participation in the three-months internship programme “Place for the Internship” in the Rubber Department. After finishing my internship, I was offered the position of Technology Specialist. I happily took advantage of this proposal. 

I appreciate the work as Technologist primarily for the option of development and enrichment of my experience. For me, everyday life in Synthos is the combination of my job and love for chemistry. If I had to consciously choose my first employer in chemical industry again, it would definitely be Synthos. 

Arkadiusz Wawak

Technical Support Department Manager 

I work at Synthos as the Technical Support Department Manager. I am responsible for all technical aspects of our relationships with clients. The biggest advantage of this position is the responsibility and opportunity to take the active part in various projects that are initiated in Synthos. 

Synthos also gives me an opportunity to interact with the industry on the international scale and thus, gain experience in a quick way. A great support is granted via participation in various conferences, trainings as well as the Language Academy, where I can develop my language skills which are essential in case of the international business.

Joanna Żak

Controlling Specialist 

I began my career at Synthos in 2015 as the Accountancy Junior Specialist. After several months, I was offered to join the Controlling Department. 

My job gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Data analysis does not have to be boring at all! Especially when the compared bars show that Synthos develops at breakneck speed, and lots of projects that we cofinance have positive influence on the development of our region. 

Paweł Kciuk

Boiler Operator

The option of participating in the development of Synthos’ energy sector gives me a lot of satisfaction. While working on innovative technologies that aim at reducing the emission of harmful compounds into the atmosphere, I develop my abilities and constantly learn new things. 

I am happy that I can work with people who really do care about the improvement and development of this area. Our involvement in combination with Synthos’ unique technology has the direct, positive influence on the environment.

Irmina Plita

Analytics Senior Specialist 

I began my work at Synthos in 2013 as the Analytics Specialist. The company appreciated my involvement with a promotion. As the Analytics Senior Specialist, I conduct analyses which support R&D teams at the stage of new technologies’ creation. 

The great advantage of this job is the possibility to take part in creation of innovative processes, in cooperation with open-minded and creative people. The company offers working in modern, fully-equipped laboratories, and supports the development of competencies in the field of analytics through the participation in international trainings, symposiums, fairs, or through the access to database. Synthos is also open to cooperation with research institutes and universities. 

Tomasz Dyduch

Product Manager

I have been working at Synthos since 2002. I went through all stages of rubbers’ production, and I utilise this experience in my current position. I highly value the opportunity of working with various people who are responsible for all aspects of production and the sale of rubbers. 

I believe that the most important thing is to respect people and rub along with them regardless of the position that you take in the company. My values are in agreement with the philosophy of Synthos. Thanks to this, I do feel like home here. 

Aneta Zajas

SAP Specialist 

I began my journey with Synthos within the IT Department with the implementation of the new ERP system. While taking part in adjusting the system to our needs, I had the opportunity to get familiar with the organisation from the inside out, and meet a lot of experienced people who inspired me to broaden my qualifications. 

My work in IT poses new challenges every day, but thanks to my colleagues’ support, I am able to solve every problem and fulfil the hardest task.