Production workers 

Production in Synthos is a complex and challenging process. Therefore, we look for employees who are distinguished by their conscientiousness, earnestness and involvement. We care for people whose values correspond with our organisational culture as well as remain consistent with the vision and mission of our company. 

Candidates’ professional experience is extremely important to us – however, we also appreciate the element of freshness together with its resourcefulness. We often hire young people who take their first steps on the labour market. We provide them with the sense of security through the support of senior employees. 

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A perfect candidate? Exists, but rarely can be met. Thus, in our recruitment processes, we carefully analyse each application. It often happens that an element of uniqueness can be discovered even if the work experience seemingly does not match with the job advertisement. Therefore, what we primarily appreciate in people is potential and involvement. 

In order to maintain a long-term competitive advantage based on technology and know-how, we also care for people who like studying and long to raise their qualifications. We realise that the adequate investment in human capital is an ideal way to constantly improve our organisational culture.

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Young people are the catalyst of positive changes for Synthos. Therefore, our team comprises plenty of students and college graduates. In response to their needs, we created a wide offer of paid summer internships. Participation in such a programme enables them to use their theoretical knowledge in practice and gain their first professional experience. Moreover, the students who are willing to continue cooperation are invited to take part in open recruitment processes. 

While looking for trainees, we focus on people who are open-minded, creative and involved, with good command of foreign languages. We value their willingness to work as well as daring to both take up new challenges and seek for innovative solutions. In such people we see the greatest potential. 

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