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Growing strength of global competition, changing quality standards in the world make us face increasing challenges in the recruitment of employees with the best professional skills and qualifications. The desire to employ specialised and well-educated staff is a major challenge in the field of human capital management of Synthos. Our goal is to attract competent and dedicated employees ready and willing to achieve the strategic objectives of the company. Supporting the development of employees by creating an environment conducive to raising skills, creating a training policy coherent with the vision and strategy of Synthos, development and implementation of recruitment activities in accordance with the present and future requirements are the most important personal features of Synthos.  Join us and be part of this success!

Kamila Kolasa

Junior HR Specialisr

Student programs

Are you a student in a college with a chemical profile? Or maybe you are learning marketing and management or are becoming a certified programmer? Apply to practice with experienced professionals! See what recruitment we are currently conducting...





Job offers

Looking for stable employment, good teamwork and work on interesting projects, whose effects can be seen with the naked eye in the form of thousands of useful products that serve people every day? Check with us- maybe we are looking for someone with your skills ...

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Student Paid Training Programme

We ask students of fourth and fifth year to participate in the Student Paid Training Program of SYNTHOS S.A.

We organize 1-3 - month paid internships in the following areas:


  • Research & Development
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Production

open-minded and creative people willing to take up new challenges, committed with business-led nature.

completion of interesting tasks, gaining practical knowledge and new experience caregiver support, attractive remuneration, a chance of getting a permanent job.

commitment, passion,desire to constantly learn and develop.

People who meet the above mentioned requirements and are interested in the offer are requested to send their CV and a cover letter by fi;lling the application form by clicking the appropriate tab: Jobs/Apprentince/Trainee to

All shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview on the basis of a comparative assessment of their suitablity for the post.

Synthos Generation Training Programme

We ask doctoral and full time students of chemical departments willing to jointly implement specific research and development projects and to participate in the Synthos Generation Training Program.

The scheme provides independent research projects for international corporations.

We look for people with passion, motivated, open-minded and creative, with professional and effective approach, willing to take up new challenges and seek innovative solutions, and wanting to test their knowledge and skills in practice.

We offer:

  • possibility to work in a modern research laboratory;
  • participating in exciting research projects;
  • attractive remuneration;
  • an opportunity for another cooperation offer or a permanent job;
  • personal development and the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a company which has a strong position in the chemical market

Should you be interested in cooperation in the following areas please contact us:

  • synthesis and modification of ESBR, SSBR, BR and HIIR rubber;
  • insulation materials for the construction industry;
  • synthesis of modern film-forming polymers for the construction industry (e.g. paints, varnishes).


e-mail :

phone. +48 33 847 3664 or 33 847 3437

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