Meet our team

Meet the people who create the Synthos brand and work every day for the common good of the company, our business partners, as well as the entire natural environment.


Meet our team

Meet the people who create the Synthos brand and work every day for the common good of the company, our business partners, as well as the entire natural environment.

Justyna Zygmunt Technology Specialist

My work at Synthos started in 2016, when I participated in a three-month internship program “Grasz o Staż” (Internship Games) at the Natural Rubbers Department. After my internship, I was offered permanent employment as a Technology Specialist. I gladly took up this offer. The best thing about working as a process engineer is the opportunity to develop and acquire experience. For me, daily life at Synthos is a combination of work and passion for chemistry. If I had to choose my first employer in the chemical industry again, it would still be Synthos.

Joanna Żak Controlling Specialist

I started my career at Synthos in 2015 as a Junior Accounting Specialist. After several months I was offered a transfer to the Controlling Department. My work brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Data analysis does not have to be boring! Especially when the charts indicate that Synthos is developing rapidly and many projects co-financed by us have a positive influence on the development of our region.

Jarosław Mitoraj Foreman

I have been working at the company from 1994 as Chemical Processes Operator, and from April this year as a Foreman at the Polymer Additive Department. Working at Synthos taught me self-discipline and responsibility for both myself and my colleagues. Synthos is a reliable employer, loyal to employees and ensuring workstation safety. All benefits are paid on time. The most important things for me, both in professional and personal life, are mutual trust, friendly atmosphere and communication with people.

Kamil Gruncl Senior Technology Specialist

Following my A-levels in 1994, I started working as a device operator in EPS production, then worked as an EPS inspection operator, later to be promoted to the polystyrenes shift lead. Currently I work at Synthos in the position of Senior Technology Specialist at the EPS Department.

My main duties include ensuring a seamless workflow, coordinating the activities of my team with those of our friends from the electrical and mechanical maintenance departments. Together with other shift leads I am responsible for the shifts schedule and ensuring uninterrupted work, which is critical for our production activities. I am involved in the preparation and supervision of new investment projects, as well as in the implementation, execution, 5S compliance inspections at the individual positions at the Polystyrene Department. Working with people is my daily bread and an integral part of my work, similarly as the ongoing process of improving the working environment for my employees.

Libor Kotrč Transport Services Coordinator

I work at Synthos as Transport Services Coordinator. My main duties include leading a team, selecting people, motivating and evaluating them. I deal with the logistical aspects, namely the Internal Reloading Department, which covers all internal transport. My main tasks include ensuring proper workload for the daily shifts at the production units, sending vehicles for all goods and ensuring good technical condition of all technical resources, i.e. ensuring that all requirements are met. I like working with people and being involved in the streamlining and simplification of processes.

Kateřina Kostrounová Water Treatment Station Foreman

I’ve been working at Synthos for more than 30 years. Starting from the position of an operator and advancing through the position of a master, I have reached the position of Water Treatment Station Foreman. I am involved in the improvement of technical and technology processes at water management centers. I take part in internal and external audits, where my duty is to draft the necessary documents. I like talking to people and sharing my experience. Working with people is interesting for me and my position provides the opportunity for continuous improvement and development.

Jiraporn Nomai Materials Engineer

I am a materials specialist at Synthos,. Since October 2020, I have been working in the group for technology and innovation in the field of synthetic rubber. At a company, I am responsible for the development of tires applications as well as rubber mixtures.

At this moment in time, I am supporting, in particular, a development project for the production of energy-saving tires based on functional solvent styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR). It is expected they will significantly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This is also the main reason for which working for Synthos gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction: I can help shape a sustainable future for the use of synthetic rubber. Moreover, I have been given the opportunity to work with colleagues from all the sectors of the company. From chemists and engineers to production, marketing and sales staff, our project team brings together people with a unique combination of their profound product’s knowledge.

Sarah Lott Project Engineer

As a chemical engineer, I have worked at Synthos for the Improvement Engineering department. With a passion for technical work, I am responsible for the optimization and further development of the installation. I have already been in charge of planning, development and construction of installations for the former employers. Unfortunately, the production as well as the products development are new sectors for me, having had no experience on it before.

Here, at Synthos is different: I really enjoy challenges that constitute a practical response to the ones posed by rubber. Rubber sticks, runs off and is difficult to process with. Many variables has a genuine effect on the production process. More than I had expected. A lot of manual work is also required to clean the installation. Exciting and challenging work experiences that have broadened my horizons.

Also in terms of personal development, Synthos simply smashed my previous employers: The deployment process itself was do pleasant for me. Even today, great willingness to help out is being shown from all the departments. Each team is composed of suitable experts with an appropriate mix of skills and knowledge of both the entity and of the market. The icing on the cake is that: experienced colleagues have been passing on their wisdom, knowledge as well as experience and “new” colleagues what is also worth noting are not ignored which ensures a motivating and fruitful atmosphere in which, in turn people are eagerly to cooperate and engage.


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