SSBR Solution-Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Advanced Solution-SBR technology for world-class tyres

Solution-Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SSBR) is used for fuel efficient and safe tyres.

Synthos manufactures a wide range of standard and functionized solution polymerized SBR that provide an excellent balance between wet grip, low rolling resistance, and abrasion resistance in silica and carbon black tyre tread compounds.  They are also used in the manufacture of high-quality industrial rubber goods.


Produced by anionic polymerisation under the brands SYNTION® and SPRINTAN®, Synthos SSBR is available in a wide variety of styrene and vinyl content and varying Mooney viscosity levels. Our technologically advanced, highly-functionalized SSBR grades are used by global tyre manufacturers to produce high-performance tyres that can meet and exceed increasingly ambitious performance and sustainability targets. All SPRINTAN® and SYNTION® SSBR products are also available as bio/circular-attributed Solution-SBR under ISCC Plus certification.

We deliver SSBR directly to our customers as polyethylene (PE) foil-wrapped bales that are packaged in returnable metal or non-returnable wooden boxes.

Commercial Grades

TypeMooney viscosityBound styrene (%)Vinyl structure (%)Oil content (%)Oil type/ Functionalized
SYNTION® 18107018,510.0--
SYNTION® 25525225,050,027.0TDAE/no
SYNTION® 30415530.041.527.0NAP/no
SYNTION® 33236033.023.027.0NAP/no
SYNTION® 33246033.023.027.0TDAE/no
SPRINTAN® SLR 46305525,047.027.3TDAE/no
SPRINTAN® 941S6338.025.027.3TDAE/no
SPRINTAN® SLR 64306740.014.527.3TDAE/no
SPRINTAN® SLR 46015021.049.0--/yes
SPRINTAN® SLR 46026521.049.0--/yes
SPRINTAN® SLR 45025721.042.5--/yes
SPRINTAN® SLR 46338021.049.023.3TDAE/yes
SPRINTAN® SLR 34027015.025.5--/yes

Technical and safety data sheets (TDS and SDS) are available on request, following the completion of the contact form.


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