SSBR Solution-Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Advanced Solution-SBR technology for world-class tires

Synthos manufactures a broad portfolio of functionalized and non-functionalized SSBR grades through batch or continuous polymerization for tire and technical rubber goods applications under the SPRINTAN® brand.

In Schkopau, Germany using Synthos patented technology, SPRINTAN® SSBR grades for both carbon black and silica are produced by anionic batch solution polymerization initiated by a lithium catalyst and stabilized with a non-staining
antioxidant. These grades provide an excellent balance of properties in tire tread compounds for passenger car, truck, bus, summer, winter and all-season tires. In Oświęcim, Poland, SPRINTAN® SSBR grades are produced under a Goodyear license using an anionic continuous polymerization process in the presence of a lithium catalyst and stabilized with a non-staining antioxidant. These grades are available in a wide variety of styrene and vinyl content and varying Mooney viscosity levels and are used primarily for silica or carbon black tread compounds, but also for solid tires, technical rubber goods and conveyor belts.

Commercial Grades

TypeMooney viscosity ML (1+4) 100 °CStyrene content, wt%Vinyl content, wt%Oil content (%) / Oil typeFunctionalization
SPRINTAN® 1810701810.0--
SPRINTAN® 463055254727.3 / TDAE-
SPRINTAN® 255252255027.3 / TDAE-
SPRINTAN® 3041553041.527.3 / HVN-
SPRINTAN® 941S63382727.3 / TDAE-
SPRINTAN® 332360332327.3 / HVN-
SPRINTAN® 332460332327.3 / TDAE-
SPRINTAN® 64306840.014.527.3 / TDAE-
SPRINTAN® 3402701526-CB/Silica
SPRINTAN® 4502602042-CB/Silica
SPRINTAN® 4601502149-CB
SPRINTAN® 4602652149-CB/Silica
SPRINTAN® 4633802149.523.5 / TDAECB/Silica
SPRINTAN® 701S70284327.3 / TDAECB/Silica

Technical data sheets and material safety data sheets (TDS and SDS) are available upon request, following the completion of the contact form.


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