BR Butadiene Rubber

High cis-polybutadiene (neodymium catalyst)

Our high cis-butadiene rubber (NdBR) with a cis content of approximately 97% is used in the tyre industry for tread and sidewall compounds and is also used in other industries for a range of elastomeric products.


Sold under the SYNTECA® brand, NdBR is manufactured using a neodymium catalyst system and due to its low glass transition temperature, low polydispersity level and linear structure it is used for tyre compounds that provide excellent wear properties and low rolling resistance.

NdBR is supplied as bales wrapped in polyethylene (PE) foil and packaged in returnable metal boxes.

All SYNTECA® NdBR products are also available as bio/circular-attributed NdBR under ISCC Plus certification.

Low cis-polybutadiene rubber (lithium catalyst)

Synthos low cis butadiene rubber is used for modifying plastics – High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), in tyre compounds and in the production of other technical rubber products.

Low cis-polybutadiene rubber, sold under the SYNTECA® brand, is produced using a catalyst system based on lithium.

All SYNTECA® LiBR products are also available as bio/circular-attributed LiBR under ISCC Plus certification.

LiBR butadiene rubbers are delivered to our customers in polyethylene (PE) or polystyrene (PS) foil-wrapped bales and packaged in returnable metal or non-returnable wooden boxes.

Commercial Grades

TypeCatalystAntioxidantMooney viscosityCis structure content (%)Styrene solution viscosity (mPas)Application
SYNTECA® 44NeodymiumNon-staining4497-Tyres, conveyor belts, hoses, technical rubber products
SYNTECA® 44GNeodymiumNon-staining4497-Golf balls
SYNTECA® 63NeodymiumNon-staining6397-Tyres
SYNTECA® 50LLithiumNon-staining5038-Tyres, technical rubber products
SYNTECA® 50LPLithiumNon-staining5038180Plastics modification
SYNTECA® 40LPSLithiumNon-staining403890Plastics modification
SYNTECA® 35LPSLithiumNon-staining353835Plastics modification

Technical and safety data sheets (TDS and SDS) are available on request, following the completion of the contact form.


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