HSR High Styrene Rubber

High styrene rubbers and resins from Synthos. HSR is used for manufacturing floor linings, cables, toys, footwear or as a filler alternative in rubber compounds for other industrial applications.

Synthos high styrene rubbers and resins are used where manufacturers require cost-effective processing solutions for products that require high levels of rigidity and hardness.

We offer three products under the KER® brand:

KER® 9000/9001 high styrene resins are produced from styrene and butadiene using emulsion copolymerization. The product is then coagulated with aluminum sulfate and stabilized with a non-staining antioxidant. KER® 9000 is supplied as pellets and KER® 9000 as a powdered form. KER® 1904 is a standard grade of high styrene rubber. It is produced by mixing butadiene-styrene latex with high styrene resin, coagulated using a synthetic coagulant and stabilized with a non-staining antioxidant.

All KER® HSR products are also available as bio/circular-attributed high styrene rubber under ISCC Plus certification.

Commercial Grades

Type Antioxidant Bound styrene (%)
KER® 1904 Non-staining 68
KER® 9000 Non-staining 82
KER® 9001 Non-staining 82

Technical and safety data sheets (TDS and SDS) are available on request, following the completion of the contact form.


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