ESBR - Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber

A reliable partner for easy-to-process Emulsion-Styrene Butadiene Rubber (ESBR)

ESBR is used in the manufacture of tires and technical rubber goods, such as conveyor belts, cables, industrial hoses, and anti-vibration parts for the automotive industry.


Synthos is a pioneer in ESBR technology – with over 80 years of experience in synthetic rubber innovation and manufacturing. Our cold polymerized ESBR grades find multipurpose applications across nearly every section of the synthetic rubber industry. We focus on addressing key requirements for efficiency in applications with an outstanding quality and manufacturing reliability. Styrene-butadiene rubbers are stabilized by staining or non-staining antioxidants and are produced under the brands KER® and BUNA®, all designed and developed for different levels of complexity.

All KER® and BUNA® ESBR products are also available as bio/circular-attributed Emulsion-SBR under ISCC Plus certification.


Commercial Grades

TypeAntioxidantMooney viscosityBound styrene (%)Oil content (%)Oil type
KER® 1500Staining5023.5--
BUNA® SB 1500Staining5023.5--
KER® 1502Non-staining5023.5--
BUNA® SB 1502Non-staining5023.5--
KER® 1507Non-staining3923.5--
KER® 1723Staining5023.527.0TDAE
BUNA® SB 1723Staining4923.527.0TDAE
KER® 1739Staining5540.027.0TDAE
BUNA® SB 1739Staining5340.027.0TDAE
KER® 1783Staining5023.527.0RAE
KER® 1789Staining5540.027.0RAE

Technical and safety data sheets (TDS and SDS) are available on request, following the completion of the contact form.


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