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PolyStyreneLoop – start of innovative polystyrene recycling plant

In Synthos we believe that voluntary industry commitment and cooperation along the supply chain can drive the development of a circular economy. Synthos and other industry players have joined forces to build a technically, economically and environmentally sustainable closed-loop recycling system for polystyrene foams – PolyStyreneLoop project.The PolyStyreneLoop recycling plant in Terneuzen, Netherlands, was opened on 16th of June 2021.

The PolyStyreneLoop project is an innovative solution that recycles polystyrene foams used in construction applications through an innovative dissolution technique. This allows for the removal of legacy additives contained in certain polystyrene foams, delivering high-quality polystyrene recyclates (reGPPS). We are pleased to announce that The PolyStyreneLoop recycling plant was put into operation on the 16th of June. The plant was built to prove the technical and economic feasibility of a large-scale, closed-loop solution for the recycling of EPS waste.

The PolyStyreneLoop facility will recycle EPS insulation using a physical recycling process based on the CreaSolv® Technology. This technology will turn EPS foam demolition waste from building and construction insulation (B&C) into new high quality raw material.  All kinds of impurities, such as cement or other construction and chemical residues, will be safely removed.

“This plant showcases how the EPS industry is always looking for ways to boost its recycling capabilities,” said Lein Tange, Co-Director of PolyStyreneLoop. “The purpose of this plant is to pave the way for the construction of similar EPS recycling plants in the rest of Europe.”

The Terneuzen plant will have the capacity to recycle 3,300 metric tonnes of polystyrene foam demolition waste coming from B&C per year, validating the technical, economic, and environmental viability of a new recycling process in which polystyrene foams can be fully integrated in  the circular economy rather than being lost from circularity.

EPS is a lightweight foam composed of 98% air and 2% technology with outstanding protective and thermal insulation properties. In addition to building and road construction uses, it is widely used in packaging to protect everything from heavy white goods to sensitive electronics, fresh fruit and vegetables, vaccines and even bees. 

PolyStyreneLoop is a cooperative representing more than 70 companies from the polystyrene foam value chain. Its members include polystyrene raw material producers, including Synthos, foam manufacturers, additives suppliers, foam converters and recyclers as well as EUMEPS, the association and voice of European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene.