Synthos AGRO is part of the Synthos Group. The company produces plant protection products, fertilizers and other agrochemicals for the orchard, agricultural and vegetable sectors. In its product portfolio there are also biocides for home and garden. The company offers also services like formulation of plant protection products for individual recipients from Poland and foreign markets.

The Synthos Agro strategy is based on the 360° philosophy. It assumes crop quality by supplying specialized fertilizers and by offering the highest quality products with high plant protection efficiency with regards to the adverse effects of biotic factors.


Our goal is also to integrate all aspects of protection and fertilization:


  • professional advice
  • training enables clients to broaden their knowledge and learn about new trends in agriculture and gardening
  • proper storage base, fast delivery, efficient sales system
  • timeliness and reliability


Long-term strategy implies successively building the market value of the agro business. The aim is to maximize the potential of the acquired registrations and to develop new products and formulations.

SYNTHOS Agro Offers:

Seed dressing
Home and garden
Growth regulators

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